17 October 2014
time: 13:00 - 18:00
Trade tower 51th Fl.,
World Trade Center, Gangnam-gu, Samsung-dong,
Seoul 135-729, KOREA
ART DE LEX Law Firm (Moscow, Russia) and Korea International Trade Association (KITA)
with the assistance of the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Korea

This legal seminar is organized by ART DE LEX Law Firm and KITA and will cover a variety of the topical legal matters of doing business in the Russian Federation in the conditions of sanctions. The seminar is intended for executive officers and department heads of Korean companies who do or establish business in Russia.

The following key questions will be on the panel 17 October 2014:

  • How sanctions affect investing and doing business in the Russian Federation by Korean businesses?
  • What is the latest changes in the Law on Foreign Investments in Strategic Areas?
  • What business opportunities does improvement of the public land granting procedure offer to Korean investors?
  • What should producers know about regulation of distributorship and dealership agreements in Russia?
  • How can trade policies and compliance programs help managing the antimonopoly risks?
  • What PPP projects of transport and communal infrastructure Russian cities can offer to Korean businesses?
Welcome words

"This seminar appears to be an important platform for the exchange of opinions about existing aspects of cooperation between both countries in all spheres of the economy.
I trust the work of the participants of this seminar will be fruitful. I hope that it will be another step toward the expansion of cooperation and the deepening of trade relations that benefit both the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea."

Mikhail Bondarenko
Trade Representative of the Russian Federation
in the Republic of Korea.

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Dmitry MagonyaManaging Partner
Head of Public-Private Partnership Practice
at ART DE LEX Law Firm
Yaroslav KulikPartner
Head of South Korea Desk,
Head of Competition Practice at
Evgeny ArbuzovPartner
Head of Real Estate & Construction Practice at
Dmitry LetynovForeign attorney of Yulchon LLC
Dmitry Lebedev Chairman of board of Directors Logistics Agency 20A LLC
Sergey ChepusovDirector-Representative,TransContainer Asia Pacific Ltd.

13:00-13:30 - Registration

13.30 - 13.35 - Welcoming remarks by Korea International Trade Association.

13.35 - 13.40 - Congratulatory remarks by the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Korea Mikhail Bondarenko.

13.40 - 13.45 - Keynote speech by the Managing partner for ART DE LEX Law Firm Dmitry Magonya.

13.45 - 14.25 - Doing business by Korean companies in Russia in conditions of sanctions (Yaroslav Kulik, Dmitry Letynov).

14.25 - 14.35 - Q&A.

14.35 - 14.55 - Comfortable Logistics (Dmitry Lebedev).

14.55 - 15.00 - Q&A

15.00 - 15.20 - Effective logistic management. Prospects for transportation of goods between Russia and South Korea (Sergey Chepusov)

15.20 - 15.25 - Q&A.

15.25 - 15.45 - Coffee Break

15.45 - 16.15 - The latest developments in land-use and urban planning legislation. New business opportunities caused by improvements of the procedure of public land granting (Evgeny Arbuzov).

16.15 - 16.20 - Q&A.

16.20 - 16.50 - PPP projects of transport and communal infrastructure development (Dmitry Magonya).

16.50 - 16.55 - Q&A.

16.55 - 17.20 - The topical issues of distributorship and dealership agreements regulation in Russia (Yaroslav Kulik).

17.20 - 17.40 - Trade policies and compliance programs as the instruments of antimonopoly risks management in Russia (Yaroslav Kulik).

17.40 - 18.00 - Q&A and Discussion.

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ART DE LEX Law Firm is a national law firm that advises Russian and foreign companies operating in the Russian Federation as well as in other countries. The company works closely with its clients to help them attain their goals and to achieve significant and sustainable benefits for their businesses. ART DE LEX is involved in some of the most important cases and transactions affecting its clients' industries. The firm's professional areas are:

  • competition regulation;
  • international arbitration;
  • M&A and corporate law;
  • real estate and construction;
  • dispute resolution and mediation;
  • energy matters.

In 2013, as part of its international focus, ART DE LEX created the South Korea Desk, which is aimed at consulting Korean business, particularly companies and legal entities that cooperate with or invest in Russian businesses.

The Korean International Trade Association (KITA) is a large noncommercial organization that provides services to more than 70,000 companies in order to promote international trade. The KITA mission is to:

  • increase cooperation between businesses and foreign companies;
  • improve the interests of its member companies;
  • open and develop new markets and trade in the private sector;
  • organize international conferences and exhibitions;
  • research and analyze national competitive abilities;
  • create an electronic trading infrastructure and update its database.
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